Spanning an impressive total constructed area of 1,220,000 square feet, AQ Mall & Residency stands tall in all its glory. This prestigious project consists of three towers named after the revered personalities of Islam: Syedna Hasnain, Syedna Bilal, and Syedna Khalid Bin Waleed. Each tower represents a legacy that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Karachi.

Ground Floor AQ Mall & Residency

First Floor AQ Mall & Residency

Second Floor AQ Mall & Residency

Third Floor Food Court AQ Mall & Residency – AQ Mall Food Court Third Floor With Rates

Available Options


On the ground floor, first floor, second floor, and third floor, you will find an array of well-designed shops. Ranging from 300 to 1800 square feet in size, these shops provide a perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures. With incredibly reasonable rates for both purchase and rent, AQ Mall & Residency presents a golden opportunity for individuals seeking to kickstart their business journey.


AQ Mall & Residency offers a variety of apartment options, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. Whether you are looking for a cozy studio apartment or a spacious 4-bedroom one, this project has you covered.

* 1 Bedroom Apartments: Embrace comfort and convenience with the 800 square feet and 850 square feet apartments.

* 2 Bedroom Apartments: Choose from the sizes of 1149, 1187, 1164, and 1151 square feet, providing ample space for families to thrive.

* 3 Bedroom Apartments: Enjoy the luxury of spacious living with apartment sizes ranging from 1550 to 1835 square feet.

* 4 Bedroom Apartments: Indulge in the grandeur of the 2200 square feet of apartments, offering a truly magnificent living experience.

TOWER-2 Husnain Tower AQ Mall & Residency


Situated on Plot No. 3, adjacent to the Maintenance Center, Jinnah Avenue, Bahria Town Karachi, AQ Mall & Residency boasts a prime location. Residents and visitors alike can benefit from its strategic positioning within the heart of Bahria Town, Karachi. With easy access to major roads and attractions, enjoying vibrant city life has never been easier.


One of the highlights of AQ Mall & Residency is the breathtaking views it offers. Let’s explore the different perspectives available within this project.

1. Carnival Facing: Immerse yourself in the joyful ambiance of the carnival, with vibrant colors and lively activities just a glance away.

2. Precinct 1 Facing: Indulge in the serene beauty of Precinct 1, where nature flourishes and tranquility envelops the surroundings.

3. Jinnah Ave View: Embrace the city’s energy and charm as you overlook the bustling Jinnah Avenue, witnessing the vibrant city life with each passing moment.

4. East Open View BTK 2 Facing: Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and refreshing breeze of the East, opening up a world of possibilities.

Reasonable Rates for Shops and Apartments

AQ Mall & Residency offers not only exceptional quality and convenience but also affordability. The rates for both shops and apartments are remarkably reasonable, making it an ideal opportunity for individuals looking to invest in or reside in Bahria Town, Karachi. This project truly embodies accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has a chance to experience the luxury and vibrancy it has to offer.


With its impressive project specifications, prime location, and diverse range of offerings, AQ Mall & Residency is undoubtedly a game-changer in Bahria Town, Karachi. Whether you’re seeking a new business venture or a dream home, this project provides endless possibilities. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this thriving community. Visit AQ Mall & Residency and unlock a world of opportunities and experiences today.

Remember, AQ Mall & Residency is where luxury meets convenience, making it the perfect place to start living and starting your business in Bahria Town, Karachi.

So why wait? Embrace this opportunity and embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities.